Membership Terms of Reference

Each National Adhering Body to IASC and SAON may appoint one national representative each (two total) members to the ADC. Appointees shall be experts in their field, ideally with an international reputation and from different disciplines, experience and background such that the full range of Arctic research is represented in ADC. When appointments are made, National Adhering Bodies should give consideration to required expertise, mix of gender and seniority. The ADC steering group will advise National Adhering Bodies on current membership needs. Each National Adhering Body has only one vote. The ADC includes appointed representatives, however to ensure broad engagement and representation of the community, ADC is open to all interested and engaged individual and organizational participants. Only national representatives can vote. Where decisions require voting, participating members will be represented by their appointed National Representative(s). Each member shall be appointed for one 4-year term with the possibility of one additional 4-year term

Arctic Data Committee Steering Group

Peter L. Pulsifer USA Chair
Stein Tronstad Norway Vice-Chair
Marten Tacoma Netherlands Vice-Chair

National and Organizational Members and Representatives

Oscar Bermudez Spain
Gabrielle Alix Canada
Øystein Godøy WMO
Halldór Jóhannsson Iceland
Matthew Jones NSF Arctic Data Center (USA)
Max Petzold Sweden
Siri-Jodha Singh Khalsa IEEE
Hanna K. Lappalainen Finland
Paolo Mazetti Italy
B.K. Park Korea
Neil Holdsworth ICES
Stefanie Schumacher Germany
Serge Scory EU-PolarNet
Mikko Strahlendorff Finland
Wang Dali China
Hironori Yabuki Japan
Zhang Beichen China
Henrik Andersen European Environment Agency

Participating Members

Ruth Duerr Ronin Institute
William Manley INSTAAR, University of Colorado, USA
Colleen Strawhacker NSIDC, University of Colorado, USA
Shannon Christoffersen AINA, University of Calgary, Canada
Taco de Bruin NIOZ, Netherlands
Igor Appel TAG LLC

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