First Meeting of the IASC Data Standing Committee (IDSC) and SAON Committee on Data and Information Services (CDIS) - The Arctic Data Committee

Draft Agenda

10-11 November 2014 Mercure Hotel Potsdam City
Lange Brücke
14467 Potsdam
Room: Studio 1+2. located behind the hotel restaurant.

Meeting Records

Final Meeting Report ArcticDataManagement_Meeting1_Final_Draft_Report_SM.pdf (5 MB, uploaded by Peter L Pulsifer 10 months 5 days ago) (arctichub account required) 
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Virtual Meeting Details

Meeting Background

IMPORTANT: Before the start of the meeting, participants (or other ADCN members) are asked to identify what they believe to be important arctic data resources. This could be a data set, an application, a service, a network etc.. This may be something that they lead, participate in, use or simply know of in some detail. At minimum, participants should provide a brief description of the resource, why they think it is important, and whether the system is accessible to the broader international community. If it is not accessible, what are the possibilities in this regard? Project descriptions and statements should be added to the existing ADCN directory.

Different representatives can indicate the same resource as this will help us to identify resources of broad value. The objective here is to try to build our collective knowledge into a “map” of arctic or broader polar data resources. Meeting organizers will prepare and interactive version of this map for presentation and use during the meeting. Contributors are asked to provide this information no later than November 8th.


Day 1 10 November 2014
Time Topic/Activity Moderator/Speaker
13:00 Welcome and refreshments All
14:00 Introductions All
14:15 Overview and Background of Committees Chair, David Hik, Volker Rachold, Jan Rene Larsen
14:30 Understanding and refining the mandate of, and relationship between, IDSC and CDIS Introduction by Chair, discussion by All
15:15 Identifying and Understanding the Needs of Science and Society David Hik, discussion by all
  This presentation will provide an overview of priorities established for and by the science community, and society
15:45 Break  
16:00 Linking Arctic Data Resources All
  Building on the map created based on input prior to the meeting, the objective of this session will be to collaboratively identify existing, potential or critically important but non-existent relationships between the resources identified. Resources can be in the form of technology, people, organizations, funding or others. The objective in this session is to go beyond identifying individual resources and start to understand the current status of arctic data management resources as a network and the gaps in connectivity. Throughout this process the group will be asked to associate the discussion with science and societal needs identified earlier in the day. Additionally, the group will be asked to discuss how our geographically defined community can or should engage with broader initiatives (e.g. World Data System, Research Data Alliance)  
18:00 Adjourn
19:30 Group Dinner (venue TBD) All interested
Day 2 11 November 2014
Time Topic/Activity Moderator/Speaker
08:00 Welcome and refreshments All
08:30 Review of previous day Led by Chair, discussion by All
08:50 Establishing Current priorities for Arctic Data Management in the context if IDSC/CDIS All
  There are many resources available that document priority areas and challenges (e.g. PDF CommuniqueIASC Statement,ADCN Report,SAON DM Workshop). The focus of this session will be to identify and focus on a small number of high value, relatively short term priorities that consider the science and societal priorities previously identified, and that may draw on the resources and relationships identified on the map created during Day 1. For example, metadata and data interoperability across nations and disciplines, including an agreement on basic metadata elements to support international exchange, is currently a topic of great interest to many. To facilitate productive discussion, participants are asked to review the linked documents before the meeting.  
10:15 Break  
10:35 Establishing a way forward All
  Meeting participants will be asked to establish a tentative work plan that includes achievable, relatively short-term objectives that can address all or part of one or more of the priorities established in the previous sessions. The intention is for this plan to be documented, refined and shared broadly across the polar data management community for critical review.  
12:00 Break
12:15 Understanding and refining the mandate of, and relationship between, IDSC and CDIS : revisited Introduction by Chair, discussion by All
  Having had the opportunity to review and discuss resources, relationships, priorities and partnerships, the group will be given an opportunity to revisit the discussion of IDSC and CDIS mandates and relationships to refine the mandate of and relationship between the groups.  
13:00 Adjourn meeting
14:00 Informal working session
  For those interested a venue will be established for an informal meeting of participants who would like to continue discussion. Completion time dependent on interest of remaining participants  

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