The Arctic Data Coordination Team will be hosting an open town hall meeting as part to Arctic Summit Summit Week being held in Fairbanks, Alaska in March.  The meeting will be held in Gruening 408.

The highlighted themes for the session include:

1) Enhancing the Arctic Theme for the Climate Data Initiative (CDI) and the Climate Resilience Toolkit (CRT) ( ;; 
2) International data collaboration; 
3) Identification and discussion of high value "pathfinder projects" that can help to demonstrate and advance data sharing across agencies and international partners; and 
4) Research crossover with operations (Search and Rescue, Disaster preparation and response). A special presentation will be given on the joint NASA and DoD Arctic Collaborative Environment Project by Dr John Walsh of UAF and Mr Stephen Spehn, Deputy Science Advisor for the U.S. European Command ‎.

If you are planning to attend ASSW, I would encourage you to participate in the town hall meeting.  There will be a strong focus on international data sharing.   If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact session chair Joe Casas (joseph [DOT] casas [AT] nasa [DOT] gov).

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