6th December 20:00-23:00 UTC

This is an online workshop in a series of bi-monthly online workshops convened by the IASC/SAON Arctic Data Committee (ADC), the Standing Committee on Arctic Data Management (SCADM), the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Program, the Arctic Observing Summit Working Group 4, the Global Cryosphere Watch, and the World Data System on behalf of the polar data community.

We would like to invite you to join us online to continue our efforts to enhance polar data sharing and interoperability. 

Due to the constraints of our virtual platform, participation is limited. Registration is required. Connection information for the virtual meeting will be provided to registered participants closer to the event time.

To register, please complete the form found here

Draft agenda:

1. Welcome to P2G, Housekeeping, and Move into breakout rooms (20:00-20:10)

2. Working Sessions (20:10-23:00)

a. Breakout Working Group 1: Federated Search. Hosted by POLDER (https://polder.info)
& Breakout Working Group 2: Vocabularies and Semantics. Hosted by the ADC-IARPC-SCADM Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group (https://arcticdc.org/activities/core-projects/vocabularies-and-semantics-wg)

NB: POLDER has a GitHub Repo so that we can keep track of changes to our template schema.org example and start putting things into a best practice document. Join us!

b. Breakout Working Group 3: Policy. Hosted by SCADM, SOOS and the Arctic Data Committee (Peter Pulsifer and Stein Tronstad are leads)



Kind regards,
Peter Pulsifer, Carleton University/ Arctic Data Committee (ADC) / Arctic Observing Summit Working Group 4 (AOS WG4)
Stein Tronstad, SCADM/ADC
Pip Bricher, SOOS / POLDER
Amos Hayes, Carleton University / POLDER
Marten Tacoma, NIOZ / ADC
Øystein Godøy, Global Cryosphere Watch, ADC-IARPC-SCADM Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group
Rebekah Ingram, Carleton University / ADC-IARPC-SCADM Vocabularies and Semantics Working Group
Pier Luigi Buttigieg, AWI / ODIS
Bonnie Carrol, World Data System
Simon Riopel, Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure
Gerlis Fugman, IASC Secretariat
Jan Rene Larsen, SAON Secretariat

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