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Agenda and presentations

Links in the agenda give the slides of the presentation.

   Wednesday, November 28th, 2018   
 08:30 - 12:00 Arctic Data Committee Business Meeting ADC members, open to all
08:30 Welcome and introductions All
08:45 ADC Executive report Peter Pulsifer, Marten Tacoma, Stein Tronstad

National reports

10:30 Break  
10:45  Report by a representative of SAON Committee on Observing Networks Jan Rene Larsen
11:15 Review of Terms of Reference, leadership review ADC Executive, All
11:40 Open forum All
12:00  Adjourn  
  Polar Data and Systems Architecture Workshop Main Program  
Time  Topic/Item  Lead, Participants
13:00   Arrival, Refreshments 
13:30 Welcome, logistics Meeting organizers
13:45 Introductions All participants
14:00 Review of recent activities and outcomes Peter Pulsifer, Øystein Godøy, Pip Bricher, others
14:30 Detailed presentations on existing polar data and system architectures (~ 15:00 / talk including questions)
  Overview of the PDSAW Methodology (5 minutes) Peter Pulsifer
  Arctic Spatial Data Infrastructure Fredrik Persäter
  NSF Arctic Data Center / DataONE Matt Jones
  Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform David Arthurs
  Arctic Portal Data Services Alexander Smirnov
15:30 Break All
15:45 Lightning talks presentations on architectures  
  CAS Poles big data platform architecture Xin Li (Remote)
  Canadian Consortium for Arctic Data Interoperability Shannon Christopherson
  GEOSS platform Peter Pulsifer
  Southern Ocean Observing System Southern Ocean Observing System
  Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management Taco de Bruin
  Arctic Research Mapping Application and Arctic Observing Viewer Bill Manley

Synthesis discussion.  Identify elements of  architectural synergy and divergence for discussion on Day 2

17:30  Adjourn  
Evening 1)  Dinner on your own - recommendations will be provided and the coordination of group dining facilitated 
  2)  Working dinner for Arctic Data Committee members 
   Day 2: Thursday, November 29th, 2018   
08:00 Arrival, Refreshments 

Review of Day 1 and Overview of Working Sessions  (All)


Presentation: Global Cryosphere Watch Data Management,  Øystein Gødøy

Presentation: Considerations on the ArcticSDI Architecture, Ingo Simonis

Presentation: GEOCRI – GEO Cold Regions Initiative, Yubao Qiu, Peter Pulsifer, presented by Peter Pulsifer

Presentation: Overview of PDSAW Methodology, Peter Pulsifer


Work Session 1: Comprehensive architecture design (all elements of architecture)

Working Session 2:  Architecture design with a focus on Federated Search  

A broad review of all aspects of architecture. Including but not limited to discussion of:

  • Community building, coordination, and governance,
  • Physical infrastructure,
  • Discovery and federated search
  • Implementation software
  • Standards and specifications
  • Exchange protocols for data
  • Semantic annotation and modeling for data

Open discussion to set priorities for this working group.
All members to share their two most pressing metadata challenges that limit inclusion in an overall metadata architecture. (Pip Bricher)

Potential topics include:

  • Discovery vs use metadata
  • Metadata granularity
  • Exchange protocols
  • Semantics/vocabularies for metadata
10:30 Break Break
10:50 Working Session 1 continued.  Identifying key components of the architecture

Working Session 2 continued: Open discussion (on topic(s) selected before the break)


Opportunities to collaborate between POLDER and WIGOS

Presentation: GCW, the Scientific Community and WIGOS, Øystein Godøy

Presentation: WIGOS & OSCAR, … Where Observational Requirements Meet Observational Capabilities, J. Klausen et al.

12:30 Lunch  Lunch
13:30 Work Session 1 Work Session 2
  Summary of morning Working Sessions (presented by a representative of each session; 15 minutes per session.

Focus on semantic aspects of data sharing and implications for architecture design

Opportunities to collaborate with ASDI/Spatineo: Remote presentation by Sampo Savolainen

Open discussion

15:30 Break
  Comprehensive Architecture Design:  develop a data sharing architecture diagram/design and related narrative that describes a system that could serve one or more use cases. Wherever possible, this architecture will address challenges identified and utilize solutions identified in the previous sessions. Finalise the polar metadata catalogue survey and paper started at the Polar Data Planning Summit
17:30 and Google Data Search, Remote presentation by Natasha Noy, Google

  • The launch announcement gives a high-level overview of the product
  • This article helps you learn more about the technology behind Google Dataset Search
  • This blog post provides motivation and discussion of our approach
18:15 Adjourn
19:00 Group dinner.  Restaurant Les Brasseurs. Place Cornavin 20, 1201 Genèveation 2, Geneva
Friday, November 30th, 2018
08:00 Arrival, Refreshments 
08:30 Review of Day 1 and Overview of Working Sessions
09:00 Working Session 1: Preparation for plenary presentation; consideration of Day 2 results of federated search working session  Working Session 2: Preparation for plenary presentation; consideration of Day 2 results of the comprehensive architecture working session 
10:30 Break 
10:50 Presentation and discussion of architecture-related designs by both groups
12:30 Lunch 
13:30 Synthesis and the Future Peter Pulsifer & other facilitators
  Establishing the next steps.  How do we continue to coordination of architectures design efforts across the increasing number of polar data initiatives? Specific funding or development opportunities. Discussion by all
14:30 Adjourn 


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