Purpose (Draft)

The overarching purpose of the ADC is to promote and facilitate international collaboration towards the goal of free, ethically open, sustained and timely access to Arctic data through useful, usable, and interoperable systems.

ADC will:

  • Advise IASC and SAON on matters related to data management and data sharing where data are defined in the IASC Statement of Principles and Practices for Arctic Data Management (April 16, 2013) (The Statement).
  • Contribute to the understanding of the nature and structure of the Arctic data system in the context of the global data system.
  • In keeping with the The Statement, promote and enable:
    • Ethically open access to data
    • Norms of fair attribution and use of data
    • Long term preservation of data
  • Facilitate the adoption, implementation and development (where necessary) of standards that will enable free, open and timely access to data.
  • Facilitate interoperability of data and systems as needed to support the needs of researchers, Arctic residents, decision makers and others.
  • Establish expert groups to examine specific questions or coordinate the implementation of data management and sharing solutions.  Partnerships with existing or proposed initiatives driven by members of the Arctic science and data community and Northern communities will be encouraged.
  • Coordinate the review of data management plans submitted for consideration by IASC under the terms of The Statement.

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