The sixth meeting of the Arctic Data Committee will be held as a vircual meeting at 7th December, 15-18 CET, 9am-12pm EST, 14-17 UTC. Please register here.


Tuesday, December 7th, 2021
XX:XX-XX:XX Arctic Data Committee Business Meeting  
  Welcome and introductions


  ADC Executive report including vision and strategy for 2021-2024

Peter Pulsifer, Marten Tacoma, Stein Tronstad


 Aligning polar data policies, status and updates

  • A new data policy for the Arctic Council
  • Data workshop during the ASSW and AOS
  • Updates to the IASC data statement
  • A data policy for SAON
 Stein Tronstad

Project, Program, Member and National reports, including

  • Arctic PASSION, Work Package 2: Bringing the Arctic Data System to action (Øystein Godøy, Jan Rene Larsen, Heïdi Sevestre)

Report by a representative of SAON Committee on Observing Networks

Jan Rene Larsen
  Review of Terms of Reference, leadership review

ADC Executive, All

  Open forum





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